Sunday comes alone again
                                A perfect day for a quiet friend
                                And you - you will set it free
                                 I see new morning yound yr face
                               Everybody sez its another phase
                       And now - now its come to me
                            See the magic in yr eyes
                             I see it come as no surprise
                        And you - you turn yr eyes away
                     Yeah you - you turn it all away
              I guess its true its never too late
                       Still I don't know what to do today
              Oh why - can't I set you free
                  Will you - do the same for me
                  Sunday comes and sunday goes
                  Sunday always seems to move so slow
                        To me - here she comes again
                     A perfect ending to a perfect day
                     A perfect ending what can I say
                      To you - lonely sunday friend
                           With you - sunday never ends

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